Innovation and development


A Time Window Management System (ZMS) is currently being developed. It has been designed with a special focus on our clients‘ specific requirements and is implemented in our daily processes.

The Time Window Management System offers you the following benefits:

  • direct booking

  • flexible time windows

  • mobile access

  • reduced waiting times

  • smooth process

  • faster communication

  • individual time window adjustment regarding type and volume of unit loads

  • optimal planning of driving times and rest periods

  • relief for your schedulers


In light of constantly increasing customer requests we are about to not only expand our range of services but also add a new location to our plant. With cutting edge modernisation and an innovative concept the new location will be at its best. Our attention is especially on aspects such as safety, professional handling of hazardous material and logistics as our company’s main focus.


Within the scope of digitisation and at the point of interface control, our storage area is especially equipped with enhanced automation which enables us to guarantee faultless operations.—This makes handling more precise and offers you extra time to comply with your value added services. Internal IT systems allow us to record the status of your goods to be picked at any time, and to provide you with the information requested. Flexibility plays a central role here too.