Our storage

One thing less to worry about. Your goods are safely stored in our hazardous material storage area


Our high rack warehouse has 7,500 pallet spaces and 2,000 sqm of staging area for your goods. At the moment, we are expanding around the area of Filderstadt, to create more warehouse space for you. Safety for people and the environment is our top priority, as the facility is assigned to the highest class of the German Ordinance on Major Accidents. As a result, the warehouse offers the latest technical and safety requirements. Differential risk analyses are regularly validated. Temperature-sensitive products can be continuously stored in selected areas, either ambient or warm. Defined and efficient processes individually tailored to your needs ensure, a frictionless and transparent handling of goods movements.


Authorisations have been granted for the following materials, among others:

Flammable liquids, highly or lightly / (former, VbF: A I, A II, A III, B)

Toxic goods


Plant protection and pesticides products

Varnish and special colours

All water hazard classification


For our storage facility we have a currently valid emission control permit. The warehouse is subject to the 12th German Federal Emission Control Act with extended obligations. Therefore we prepare regular safety analyses. It goes without saying that we have taken out environmental liability insurance.

Value Added Services

Process-oriented value added services

    – Picking

    – Co-packing

    – Quality Controls

    – Order Management

    – Inventory planning and preparation

    – Continuous improvement processes

    – Repacking in new cardboard boxes or on new pallets

    – CEP processing

    – Procurement and purchase of packaging material

    – Inventory management

    – Returns management

    – Empty crates Management

    – Container Management

    – Container shipments

    – Weight records on verified scales

    – Hazardous substance cadastre management

    – Safety Data Sheet Management

Product-oriented value added services

– Prefabrication

– Shipping and packing

– Display construction

– Labelling

– BBD extensions

– Sleeving (packing)

– ADR labeling


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