We transport your hazardous and commercial goods with the support of especially trained staff


Our own vehicle fleet with our own drivers, guarantees a reliable and safe flow of your dangerous and commercial goods. All commercial vehicles are equipped with the appropriate ADR equipment and have thermal aggregates. Many years of experience in the transport sector have enabled us to integrate ourselves into various fields of activity. We are specialized in industry solutions such as hazardous goods, waste, automotive and agricultural transport.


Transport of hazardous goods

We transport dangerous goods of the most varied types and properties on a daily basis, both, national and international. In combination with the appropriate ADR equipment in the vehicle, our drivers are regularly trained and instructed by our appointed and experienced dangerous goods officers in accordance with the dangerous goods law. In addition, every driver has a valid ADR certificate, including class 1. As part of our quality process, we continuously check the validity of all necessary certificates for the transport of dangerous goods. This includes the testing and monitoring of work processes and vehicle servicing. By using mobile delivery scanners, your shipment can be located at any time. Just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries are transparent and controllable at any time.

Cargo System

With a central hub and spoke system in the geographical centre of Germany, we guarantee a secure national, area-wide distribution of general cargo with a standard transit time of 24 / 48 hours. For the countries of the European Union, including Switzerland, we offer transit times of 24 to 72 hours, including Europe-wide customs clearance, indeed especially for dangerous goods. Thanks to specific and exact interface control, your shipment progress is fully traceable and the status can be precisely identified. By using a vehicle with double-decker option, more loading capacity is available to you. In addition, we can offer delivery services such as overnight until 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 12 noon. Individual fixed appointments or time window deliveries are also possible.

Special trips

Our truck fleet also includes special vehicles for special trips, which are available to you at all times. Your advantage is our flexibility and shortened reaction times. You can send us your prioritised consignment directly to your selected destination without any handling risk. We rely on high value vehicles with thermal aggregates and ADR equipment to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time at the final destination. These time-critical transport solutions are available national and international.

Temperature-controlled transport

We ensure safe transport for temperature-sensitive goods. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with technical facilities so your goods can be heated up to + 25 C or cooled down to – 15 C without interruption. The transport is monitored by thermaloggers. As a result, the consignment can arrive at your recipient, safe from frost and heat. Regarding the quality assurance, the temperature records of each shipment are checked and evaluated. Of course, all temperature-controlled transports are also available as special trips.

Reverse logistics

The transport of hazardous waste as dangerous goods for our customers is a special offer from BRIEM. Since 2014, we have been in possession of the expertise according to the law and the permit according to §54 Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act for the unlimited transport of waste and hazardous waste within Germany in accordance with EU Directive 91/689/EEC. A large amount of hazardous waste is classified as hazardous goods from the point of view of traffic law. The diversity of waste therefore requires numerous exemptions in order to be able to transport hazardous waste as dangerous goods. By specialising in the transport of hazardous goods, we can also distribute waste that falls under the classification of ADR and serve the respective disposal facilities. Accordingly, we can transport your hazardous waste as dangerous goods in a legally compliant manner. Thanks to the experience we have already gained, we can also put you in contact with the relevant recycling partners. International waste transport is the extension of our service portfolio. Since 2018 we are a licensed waste transporter for waste that can be treated in Wallonia / Belgium. In order to dispose of hazardous waste in practice, BRIEM is available as a specialist to implement this complex matter of hazardous goods law.

Value added services

    – Thermal controls

    – Tazmat equipment

    – Track & tracing

    – Express delivery / same day delivery

    – Just in time / just in sequence

    – Consolidation Management

    – Double deck loading

    – Insurance

    – Individual deliveries OV 9 o’clock / 10 o’clock / 12 o’clock

    – Cash on delivery service

    – Daily outgoing European transports, including Switzerland

    – Individual customer service

    – Preparation of shipping documents with hazardous goods data

    – Transport of dangerous goods

    – Thermal shipping / transport

    – Hazmat data management

    – Labeling

    – Container shipment


    – Trusted Carrier

    – SQAS Transport