In our opinion, logistics combines your product-specific requirements with a frictionless and practice-oriented implementation. The creation of added value for our customers and their supply chain is our priority. Due to our know-how and experience we can offer a wide spectrum of industrial solutions. We are always interested in new challenges.


The chemical industry sets the highest standards in terms of logistical precision and safety for people and the environment. Especially the professional handling of hazardous goods and substances is required in every segment of the supply chain. Opportunities and risks are the interfaces between the individual modes of transport, production and product processing. As a logistics service provider for storage and distribution of chemical products, we dovetail our experience and know-how with the industrial supply chain. Through transparency and agility, and our trained staff, the distribution of your goods and raw materials is in safe hands. We rely on a Europe-wide distribution network with reliable partners. At the same time, we offer you a logistics area for the stocking of your raw materials, production supply and the provision of finished materials. For qualitative and accurate process mapping and implementation of these processes we are certified according to the industrial standard of SQAS since 2012.


In a highly complex supply chain, a cost-optimized downstream is of significant importance, especially for the automotive industry. We always offer a tailor-made solution for the lowest possible stock levels and a just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply chain. Caused by the digitalization, the IT technology and qualified employees, we can respond flexibly to your needs, whether in the area of warehouse management or distribution logistics. Through our logistics networks, we offer an optimal service for manufacturers and suppliers. Special attention is given to temperature-controlled storage and transport.

Paint and coatings

Special chemicals, such as paints and coatings, deserve a particularly high degree of quality and care. High-quality paint materials for the automotive industry, weather-resistant protective coatings for temperatures significantly below freezing point or coatings for a depth of 3,000 m are specific demands and challenges for logistics service providers. We have taken up this challenge. Speed in distribution, thermal transport and exact monitoring of the supply chain is our priority. A personal contact is available all the time. In emergencies, there is the possibility of 24/7 support. In order to maintain this quality and to act confidently at every stage of the supply chain, we are in continuous contact with our suppliers and partners.


Especially in times of climate change, where the cultivation of food is becoming more and more complex and demanding, a frictionless organization of plant protection and fertilizer is of significant importance. We form the interface between the wholesale trade in plant protection products and farmers. In this way, we close the supply chain to fulfil the needs of consumers, and develop ourself in termes of B2C- and City-logistics. We therefore see trained and friendly personnelemployees as the basis for a flexible and safe transport process. Private consumers as well as wholesalers, belong to our decisive customer clientele. We also supply DIY stores with house-yard-garden articles to meet the demand of private consumers. Modern IT interfaces offer a short response time and enable same-day/next-day deliveries, which are particularly important for farmers.


High quality requirements, seasonal volume fluctuations in transport, undamaged products and a range of value-added services to increase customer needs are features, that have a direct impact on the end consumer, especially in this segment. As a logistics service provider in the healthcare sector, we are focused on the development and implementation of logistics concepts for products and solutions for the hygiene industry and their wholesalers. Comprehensive training and established standard processes enable us to offer the highest level of quality along the transport chain. Different storage concepts are adapted to your requirements by our project department, resulting in a specific process.


Complex requirements are results of the permanently increasing individual market needs. This trend calls for tailor-made system solutions from a single source in order to satisfy consumer needs. Our expertise is in developing a tailor-made logistics concept by providing value-added services, process design and process optimization tailored to your needs. Together we create innovative and IT-supported solutions that lead to results in line with the market.


Fast deliveries, short order processing times, simple return options, attractive and high-quality products – these are the customer’s expectations of online commerce nowadays. We are pleased to support you with our experience and know-how and take care of the frictionless running of your online business. Starting with order processing and payment handling, up to the risk control and customer management. We integrate professional returns processing and preparation into your individual customer concept. At the same time, we constantly work with you to develop optimizations to scale your processes to the growing size of your business. We offer you various options in CEP shipping as well as B2B shipping to private customers.